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Liner and Shader machine whats the difference

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    Joined: Jun '09
    Posts: 8

    Hi I have bought some gear from a friends uncle who has given up tattooing, when we spoke about the kit he told me there were two liners and two shaders and that all four were 10 wrap coils.
    I have been to my local butcher for some pig skin [25p - daylight robbery ha ha] and I was just about to get everything set up to do my first ever tattoo but stumbled at the first hurdle because all four machines look the same, how do I tell them apart? I cant ask my mates uncle because he's away in Majorca for two weeks.
    Please help

    Posted 7 years ago #
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    Joined: Jun '09
    Posts: 27

    Not sure my self m8 but as a suggestion why not search the net and look for similiar machines you might find out that way, check e-bay out !

    Happy hunting

    Posted 7 years ago #
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    Darren Sixx

    Joined: May '09
    Posts: 15


    Hope this helps for you to tell your machines apart, on a liner the contact screw (screw on top of the machine) is more upright (say 10 degrees) and on a shader it is at more of an angle (say 45 degrees)

    The main difference between the liner and shader is the way there set up for the through (the distance the needles travels up and down) the liner can be set 1-1.5mm no less then 1mm tho, and the shader is normally set around 2mm.


    Posted 7 years ago #
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    Joined: Jun '09
    Posts: 8

    Thanks for that guys, the contact screw on all four of my machines can have the angle adjusted so as Darren said I have set them accordingly and all seems ok.

    Thanks again.


    Posted 7 years ago #
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    Joined: Jul '09
    Posts: 53

    lol what about the amature bar weight?.....is the capacitor 22uF (liner) or larger like a 47uF (shader)?.....what about spring gauge?.....all that stuff.....lol i bet the machines are made in china....not being funny but i'd have given up too if i were his uncle....

    is it just me thats on another planet or what....from my experience(which is very little!!! lol) the machines should vary alot.....i'd try weighing them maybe if they look the same or take them apart......

    i love it!!!!!!

    Posted 6 years ago #

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